Thomas’ Big Live Tour Wiki

“Tom” redirects here, as some people refer to this character as Tom.

Thomas is a little blue tank engine, who spawns at the Main Sheds, along with Edward, James, and Percy. Due to his popularity, many users drive him around.


  • He is the only engine with his own coaches. Their names are Annie and Clarabel.
  • He is based on the London Brighton and South Coast Railway (LBSC) E2 0-6-0T class.
  • Thomas is believed to be E2 number 105 or 106.
  • In the April Fools Update of 2022, he had a counterpart that was painted green with white lining.
  • Thomas has been seen going faster than he is supposed to, reaching a speed of 70 MPH.
  • Thomas was supposed to be an LNER J50, but was drawn as an E2 by Reginald Dalby.