Thomas’ Big Live Tour Wiki

These are the rules you must follow when participating in this wiki. Do not violate these rules or you will be blocked.


Rule 1: Respect other users. Don't do or say mean things to them.

Rule 2: Do not be rude on this wiki. For example, do not swear or use all capital letters.

Rule 3: Do not do online dating or sexting on this wiki. Do not say, "Can you please be my boyfriend?", "Kiss me!", or "I want to be your gf."

Rule 4: Do not spam on other users' message walls or spam information on this wiki that is off-topic.

Rule 5: For the sake of Fandom's TOS, do not be in this wiki if you are under 13 years. If you are 13 years old or above, you can be on this wiki and all across Fandom. If you are under 13, stop using Fandom until you grow up.

Rule 6: Do not lie to users on this wiki, especially admins.

Rule 7: Do not edit other users' info.

Rule 8: Do not impersonate other users. If you try to use the same profile picture or info as them or a similar name to them, that is called impersonating. If you can't change your username because you already changed it one time, similar names to other users will result in an infinite block.

Rule 9: Do not judge other users for their religions, races, etc.

Rule 10: Do not vandalize pages. Vandalizing pages means putting off-topic or inappropriate stuff, blanking the entire page, removing some words from the page, etc.

Rule 11: Do not annoy other users on their message walls.

Rule 12: If any fandom user is being mean to you, do not be mean to them back, nor try to handle the situation on your own. Report that user to an admin. If a user calls you a name and annoys you on your message wall, he or she will be blocked for a short time (e.g. 3 weeks), or you can just ignore them and delete their messages.

Rule 13: Do not delete or ignore messages sent by admins on your message wall.

Rule 14: Do not be rude to admins.

Rule 15: Do not report comments or messages for no reason.

Rule 16: Do not use multiple accounts. That is against Fandom's rules and this act is called sockpuppetry.

Rule 17: Do not use unacceptable or inappropriate usernames. These types of usernames are usernames that have bad, mean, or rude words in them, usernames that impersonate other users, usernames like "Do not block me!", etc.

Rule 18: Do not join other users or tell them to join you in being mean to other users.

Rule 19: Do not threaten other users to make them do what you want.

Rule 20: No anonymous fandom users are allowed on this wiki. If you want to be on this wiki, sign in with an account.

If you violate any of these rules, you will be blocked. The amount of time you will be blocked for depends on how bad the admins think your actions are.