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Toby is an old-fashioned steam tram locomotive painted brown. He has the number seven.


  • He is the first tram engine.
  • Toby's original bell was originally from the model series. However, his bell was modified and replaced with a new one from Season 13 onwards from Thomas and Friends.
  • His handrails are missing.
  • In the Railway Series, he has blue side plates.
  • He is based on the LNER J70 steam tram class.
  • He was the first character in the entire series to be based off a real engine, No. 68221.
  • Unlike his basis, Toby has no siderods and no Walschaerts valve gear.
  • He used to have red wheels.
  • His badge, Lucky Number 7, is awarded when the 1,000th edit is made.